Not McChrystal Clear

by Evan Munsing, Research Assistant to Senior Fellow & Director, Dr. Christopher Lamb

The sudden and unexpected fall of Stanley McChrystal occurred with such speed that most of us, like Charlie Brown missing a football, are still trying to figure out exactly what happened.
Although the ink has yet to dry on the Rolling Stone article that caused it all (it won’t hit the newsstands until Friday), another chapter in the Long War seems to have already turned and there is much speculation about what this means for the US and Afghanistan. Rather than add more speculation to the copious amounts of commentary already available on the subject, I will merely point you to a page by Peter Feaver over at Foreign Policy that offers what is probably the best explanation for how this situation came about.



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2 responses to “Not McChrystal Clear

  1. alukszo

    While I think that President Obama should have kept General McChrystal, there could be no better person to replace him than General Petraeus. That decision was the best possible result of this entire unfortunate affair.

    • stipvich

      Feavor’s article provides great insight into the issue of how the Rolling Stone article came to be. I haven’t read a better analysis.

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