About INSS

The Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS) was established by the Secretary of Defense in 1984 to produce objective, timely, and rigorously grounded research on emerging strategic and regional security trends that pose longer term challenges for U.S. national security and raise complex tradeoffs for policymakers and the American public.

INSS is comprised of six research centers that foster innovation, responsiveness, and collaboration across the research enterprise at the National Defense University, and help ensure the University’s educational mission benefits from coordinated research:

Center for Complex Operations
Center for Strategic Research
Center for Technology and National Security Policy
Center for Transatlantic Security Studies
Conflict Records Research Center

The mission of INSS is to conduct strategic studies for the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Unified Combatant Commands to support the national strategic components of the academic programs at NDU and to provide outreach to other US governmental agencies and to the broader national security community.

The military and civilian analysts and staff who comprise INSS and its sub-components execute their mission by performing the following functions: research and analysis, publication, conferences, policy support, and outreach.


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